Why Many People Can’t Lose 40 lbs or Less

Yes, it is always a great idea for people to get their weight under control.  Personally, though, those that have to lose a little are harder to work with than those that need to lose a lot.  Let me explain.

Easily Distracted

People that only need to lose 40 lbs or less are the ADHD of dieters.  They can focus for short periods of time and then become easily distracted when presented with “a little cheat”.

Full of Excuses

These people tend to let every obstacle/excuse get to them.  They say things like, “well, it was just a little wine at dinner.”  Or, “my sister only visits twice a year.”  Or my favorite, “it’s really hard to eat right when the office caters in all this rich food.” These people tend to stop and start multiple times, often taking 2 steps backward for every stride forward they make.  They will literally lose 10 lbs in the course of 3 months and talk about how hard their lifestyle change has been. (10 lbs in 90 days is pathetic BTW)

Going with the Flow

Many just haven’t hit rock bottom yet, or their primary care physician hasn’t said anything, or they have given up on ever wearing a bathing suit again.  They talk about wanting to lose because that’s what everyone around them is talking about.  At work, at church, at the bridge club.  Everyone is paying lip service to the idea of getting their health back, but none of them are really doing anything positive about it.

They don’t yet know what they don’t know

Talk to someone who is morbidly obese and has had a medical procedure such as gastric bypass.  These people know every do and don’t.  They know all of their clinical markers.  They know what their bodies need going forward from that time.  On the other hand, those that pursue less drastic measures live by every MYTH that comes down the pipeline.  Many do not yet know what their daily sugars are and tell me they are “borderline diabetic” and that their physician is not treating it yet.  (because he/she doesn’t have a way to treat a not-yet diagnosis of diabetes).  Many ingest too much protein for their kidneys to handle or too little that they break down muscle tissue.  Many are starting in on Insanity, P90X, or CrossFit without any pre-conditioning.  Many don’t understand how their current lifestyle medications are sabotaging their every daily effort.

The truth is, 40 lbs gone should be and is LIFE CHANGING for many.  It is the difference between truly living and just being alive in your later years.  It is the difference between health or health through a long list of expensive prescription drugs. (Blood pressure, diabetes, reflux, antidepressants, HRT, etc.)

My favorite ones to work with are the ones that have finally said ENOUGH and are ready to do what it takes to finally lose weight for health once again.

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