What Are Tech Savvy Baby Boomers Using the Internet For?

The buzzword these days in marketing and in general is millennials. Everyone wants to target the habits of millennials to grow their businesses and are obsessing over them. But are we forgetting about the more important people here?

Baby boomers in particular are a group of people who have access to greater technology and have adapted well to it.

In fact, more than half of the people over the age of 55 in the US are using the internet and even have a strong presence online. The case is similar in Australia, with comparable statistics.

What are the tech savvybaby boomers doing there?

1.   They’re Use Social Media and are Aware of Their Privacy

Tech Savvy Baby Boomers are no stranger to their security online. They probably know more about having stronger passwords, websites accessing their information on Facebook when they sign in through Facebook, than many millennials do.

Speaking of Social Media, baby boomers are on social media and are active more than ever. While they may not be on the “trendy” social media websites such as Instagram or Snapchat, they’re certainly present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as Pinterest.

2.   Looking to Help Others

Baby Boomers are also looking to help others. That’s why you’d find baby boomers more inclined to like a non-profit’s page on Facebook. They may be acting as caretakers for parents with diseases such as cancer.

They may be browsing through websites to manage any diseases that they may have such as skin cancer. One place where they may find information on cancer treatment can be www.targetingcancer.com.au.

They also want to help people through being charitable and are going digital to do so.

3.   They’re Searching for Things of Their Interest and Shop Online

It may be a surprising fact but baby boomers choose to research online and find things of interest in different blogs and actually invest some of their time in reading. They may have seen the black and white TV screens, but the recency-effect is something that doesn’t just apply to HR.

Baby boomers are exposed to technology like the rest of us and are likely to spend as much time searching for things online as they are to watch TV. Plus, they are also likely to buy things online out of convenience.

They are watching different videos on YouTube just like the rest of us, to relax and be informed. Some of them are working and need to stay updated with the news so they are likely to spend more time on news sites such as BBC, 9 News, Sky News, ABC and more. They want to be well informed and aware of what’s around them.

4.   They’re Looking for Food Recipes

Since they have money, baby boomers are looking to spend that money. Many of them are diversifying into entrepreneurial ventures to grow their wealth stores. Of the many things that they are searching for online, they’re looking for food recipes such as beef bourgignon and steaks. They are also searching for diets and meals that can help with better health.

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