Weight Loss Tips About Eating And Food

Most of us totally overhaul our diet when attempting to lose weight. Rising obesity rates and diet failures show, for the majority of us, this approach just doesn’t work.

What’s a better approach? Make gradual changes in your eating habits and become more conscious of your hunger signals. That’s what these weight loss tips teach you.

Listen to your body. Your body naturally gets hungry every few hours. Although you make think you’re increasing your likelihood of losing weight by skipping meals, you aren’t. To lose weight and keep it off you need to work with your body, not against it.

Being overly hungry causes you to make poor food choices. When your appetite is in overdrive, you tend to reach for whatever is in sight and eat more of it. It’s harder to handle life’s stresses in healthy ways when you’re hungry.

Hunger signals are brought on by more than just an empty stomach. The sight and smell of food can make you want to eat. Stress can cause you to crave certain foods. Even the habit of eating at a certain time or in a certain place can make you think you’re hungry when you aren’t. Be mindful of these weight loss tips.

Anytime you have cravings or feel hungry right after a meal –  Take a moment, write in a journal, uncover what’s driving you to eat, and address the issue.  Or keep a list of alternate things to do close at hand.

Do one small thing each day to make your life better.  Things like personal development, family, friends, career, physical health, finances, spirituality, and community. How much fulfillment are you getting from each area? Does any area need more attention? If you’re trying to fill a lack in any of these areas with food, your weight loss efforts will fail.

Eat slowly, savor your food. Avoid reading, watching TV or working on the computer during meals.

Be sure it’s physical hunger before you take that first bite. Stop and monitor your body sensations. Lightheaded and weak – you’ve gone too long between meals and need to eat as soon as possible. Feeling satisfied or full – something other than hunger is causing you to want to eat. Stomach rumbling loudly or just beginning to feel the first signs of hunger – go ahead and eat.

Stop before you’re stuffed. During meals put your fork down and check in with your body. Do you feel satisfied? If so, stop eating. Don’t keep going until your body sends you signals of discomfort, at that point you’ve overeaten.

Changing behaviors around food take time. Be persistent, and eventually, these weight loss tips will become second nature.

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