Running in the Woods: Why You Should be Doing It

Whether you are a well-seasoned runner or just beginning, it can be a great idea to open your mind to all kinds of running. While taking off down the road is a sure-fire way to get the job done, you can completely revitalize and experience running in a way you haven’t before if you decide to take it to the trails and give off-road running a shot. This way of running is different and requires some preparation in the beginning but can provide many benefits you may miss out on when running around the streets.

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Your Determination is your Key to Getting Fit

It always shocks me that FITNESS is really a multi-billion industry… Yet a good, concise and universal meaning of fitness is difficult to nail lower.

Just request someone taking part inside a health and fitness program, or perhaps someone within the fitness industry to provide you with an obvious meaning of fitness.

You will likely be met using the “deer caught in the car headlights” stare supported by nonsensical stammering.

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