Silica Deficiency and Hair Loss in Women

When talking about hair loss, you can’t simply deny the fact that the first thing to check is your diet. The food you eat is very much responsible for that gorgeous, shiny hair. As such, it’s a good thing to know what the key nutrients are playing in maintaining your body. Among the most important aspect, you need to look into is your silica intake. This micronutrient plays very important role in your body that a low amount of it can directly show symptoms in your hair.

For a fact, Silica is an important nutrient in all phases of your body’s development stages. From your bone’s health to having healthy skin, Silica plays a key role in maintaining all these key functions. If you haven’t heard about Silica then you may have probably heard about its other form which is Silicon. This is the most abundant element that can be found on our planet.

What does Silica do is to balance the levels of Calcium and Magnesium in our body? Yes, these other two elements which are a key for healthy body depends on Silica so it can be used efficiently. The reason for this is that higher amount of either Calcium or Magnesium in your system can as well create havoc for your health.

Another key function of Silica is to balance the pH level of your body. Remember that an acidic environment inside your system will ultimately affect how your body will handle other external factors that would often result in sick days. Too much acid within your system is very bad for your health.

So how do all of these affect hair loss? Well, since your hair is affected by your overall health, poor micronutrients levels in your blood will soon become your hair’s nightmare as well. Each cell inside you relies on Silica to maintain their healthy state thus it also affect hair regrowth. Younger people tend to have higher amounts of Silica thus they often have softer skin and a much healthier hair. As we age, Silica level in our blood tends to drop as the body makes use of it. One reason for this is poor diet choice.

Good sources of Silica are fruits and vegetables. Modern food choices show us that we have cut a huge portion of veggies and fruits from our diet. Most of the today’s foods include a huge portion of meat. And meat is a poor source of Silica. This explains as to why hair loss is becoming more common. One way to reverse this situation is to simply revise your diet plan. No, advising everyone to go vegetarian is not necessary but it would help your hair if you include enough amounts of fruits and vegetables to your everyday diet. Just remember that what you eat will surely benefit your hair in the long run.

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