Iodine Deficiency and Hair Loss in Women

Our body is composed of numerous systems. These systems, although has different roles, work together to maintain a healthy body. And our hair is part of a healthy system. In fact, if you see some hair problems, chances are, your body is not at its peak condition or you’re simply undernourished. One common health problem is iodine deficiency.

How important is Iodine for your body? Well, thyroid gland utilizes iodine to make necessary hormones, thyroxine, and triiodothyronine. These hormones are responsible for maintaining the growth of healthy hair as well as your teeth and bones. And for whatever reasons that you’re your body is deficient in Iodine, it will surely be showing more on your hair. This can lead to weak hair and a possible total hair loss in the long run.

If you have rough or dry hair, there’s a huge possibility that you have a low amount of Iodine in your body. As your hair literally renews every day, that hair you shed won’t be accompanied by regrowth thus you can easily spot hair loss. In a simpler sense, if you’re shedding more hair than what your body can replace, you try to check for iodine deficiency.

Of course, you must also consider other areas for this matter as it may be that you are receiving the right amount of Iodine that your body needs but your thyroid isn’t converting them into good use. If this is the problem then the use of Iodine supplements won’t be solving your problem. But first, you must be checked other than just pure Iodine deficiency. You can ask your doctor about this.

Also, Iodine deficiency may not only be related to your thyroid. Other endocrine malfunction may cause your thyroid to malfunction as well. Remember that all your body organs work together to maintain a healthy body. For one, the pituitary gland is the one that controls the function of your thyroid. And if the communication between these two is affected, even though your body receives the right amount of Iodine, it won’t convert them to proper use. This will then show signs of hair loss.

The only way to properly diagnose a thyroid problem is through blood tests. This will help confirm if indeed you have an adequate supply of Iodine and it’s just that the mechanism is faulty. But some people might tell you that you only need to eat foods rich in Iodine to counter this situation. That may be right but only lab tests can render the right diagnosis for you to know how to counter hair loss caused by Iodine deficiency. And always remember, one simple way to counter diseases is to have a well-balanced diet to support proper bodily functions.

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