Hair Loss in Infants: How to prevent it?

Hormones are the biggest factor implicated in infant hair loss as they had extremely high levels of hormones available before birth that was obtained directly from the mother. Babies losing their hair are therefore a very natural occurrence and pose no threat at all to their health and well-being.

Directly after the birth, the hormone levels drop drastically and their hair enters a resting stage whereby no further temporary growth will occur. During this resting period, the hair will start falling out as soon as the new growth cycle is started as the new hair will literally push the resting hair out. While this may appear rather patchy the new hair is stronger than the hair from birth. There are also other factors that could cause hair loss in infants and by minimizing these, hair could appear better and grow faster. The new hair will often have a very different texture and even the color may be different.

Due to Sleeping on Their Backs

Infant hair loss can often occur when the parents allow the child or teach them to sleep on their backs. The head is in constant touch with the bedding or pillow and over a period of time, certain patchy areas may be noticed. Infants may eventually have a big bald spot in the area that is in contact with the bedding. This practice has been adopted by many parents as well as medical professionals to prevent SIDS. This is also known as sudden infant death syndrome and is a large concern in infant fatalities worldwide.

To rectify this concern the parent may want to the infant to start sleeping on their side and immediate results will be noticed on the head. This sleeping position may be safer than the infant sleeping on the stomach.

Cradle Cap Condition as a Possible Cause

The infant hair loss may be as a result of a very common condition among infants called cradle cap. This term is used to describe a thick and crusty condition of scales on the head of the infant. When the parent tries to remove the scales some of the hair is removed at the same time resulting in bald patches on the head of the infant. To cure this condition the head of the infant should be well moisturized at all times and after bathing the infant. There are numerous medications as well as natural remedies available to achieve a very quick cure for the condition. The cures available over the counter or in supermarkets are just as effective as long as the product is mild.

Using Different Materials in the Bedding to Prevent Hair Loss in Infants

Because of the extremely soft hair at birth, infant hair loss can be caused by certain harsh bedding and blanket materials. The best results can be obtained by changing all the linen and specifically the blankets used with the baby to a softer material. The results obtained from using a satin blanket will deliver extremely effective results in combating hair loss in infants.

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