Getting Lasik Done in Sydney: 5 Tips to Help You Out

Are you considering getting LASIK done? Great idea – you can bid goodbye to glasses and contact lenses then. But before you sign yourself up for surgery, prepare yourself well.

Here are some tips to help you out if you are considering Lasik in Sydney.

Choose a good doctor

There are so many eye surgeons out there offering various rates. Evaluate all of them based on their expertise and success of their patients. Accordingly, choose the best one of them. Going for the eye doctor offering the lowest rate may not be a good idea right now. After all, it’s your eyes and so you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the offered services or the skills of your chosen eye doctor.

Find out if you’re the right candidate

Lasik is an effective operation, and cures myopia along with some other eye conditions. Around 96% get their desired vision but after the operation. If this isn’t the case, surgery can also be performed a second time to get better results.  But not everyone is the right candidate. Your eyes must be healthy, and you must be of an appropriate age. Your eye doctor will examine your eyes, and accordingly, let you know if you’re the right Lasik candidate or not.

Understand which operation is the most suitable in your case

Laser surgery can be divided into a number of types such as PRK, SMILE and no-touch laser. PRK is performed when refractive adjustments are required for the corner. SMILE is a new technology which corrects myopia. A femtosecond device is used to remove lenticular tissue which prevents structural weakening.  No-touch laser involves removing the surface layer and then performing the sugary as part of a single step. This reduces pain during the recovery face and ensures quicker healing.

Learn about the costs involved

Cost is a key consideration when you’re thinking of undergoing laser eye surgery. The rates vary with a number of factors such as the type of surgery and your chosen eye doctor. Generally, newer technology is more expensive. Also more experienced doctors may charge higher.

The eye doctors at Personal Eyes estimate the costs to be around $2600 to $3700 on average. Please note that costs of any medicines and eye drops aren’t included in these rates, and you’d have to pay them separately. Also keep in mind that another surgery required may be some instances.  Some clinics include this in the overall package whereas others charge separately.

Be aware of the side effects

Like with any other surgery, Lasik does have some side effects, but quality post operative care can help you mitigate them and ensure success of your operation. For instance, you may experience some discomfort for a couple days.  You may also see halos or experience dry eyes.  Take a day off from work, don’t rub your eyes, avoid driving and don’t use products on your face.  Your doctor can advise you further in this matter.

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