Dandruff and Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is a scary experience for women. This is because women give a huge importance to their crowning glory. There are numerous reasons for hair loss. One of such reason is dandruff. Dandruff on its own is already a huge burden. Imagine those white flakes falling around your shoulders, it surely is unsightly. But how do hair loss relate to dandruff?

Healthy hair growth starts with a healthy scalp. And dandruff is a sign of an unhealthy scalp. The common reason for dandruff is an oily skin. Yes, although your scalp is covered by your hair, it actually suffers the same fate as the rest of your skin. It all boils down to having excess oil covering your scalp, called sebum, which then forms into a layer which hampers the natural shedding your skin.

The result of the formation of these layers gives hair growth a hard time coping with hair loss. Dandruff does not just appear unsightly, it also hampers the natural cycle of your scalp. Those tiny white layers cover the skin pores over your head which does not just prevent hair growth but also worsens your problem with dandruff.

And dandruff is often accompanied by itchiness. And when your scalp is inflamed and itchy, you’ll likely to scratch it, quite frequently at that.  This then triggers additional hair fall than normal making hair loss worse. Then the problem can even worsen. As you scratch more, your scalp will become more inflamed. This will then make it difficult for your hair to grow. What’s even alarming is that this can actually lead to more infections like ringworms.

As with the skin on the other parts of your body, controlling excess oil secretion is the key for a healthy scalp. And excess oil on your skin is often caused by hormonal changes and wrong choice of foods. At that, you have to eat a healthy and balanced meal to help minimize excess oil secretion. Also, your environment might be responsible for your dandruff. Dust and excess heat can trigger the skin to produce more oil. This is the body’s response to dryness brought about these factors. And this will worsen your dandruff.

And there are also instances where cosmetic products like shampoo can trigger an adverse effect on your scalp. For that, you have to consider looking into the ingredients that go into your shampoo. One ingredient that dermatologist suggests countering dandruff is zinc pyrithione. This is often added to some anti-dandruff shampoo. And this is the proven formula to counter excess sebum production on your scalp.

In some rare instances, psoriasis occurs. This will appear like normal dandruff but the difference is that this is an autoimmune disease where the white flakes can actually bleed when pulled out. For this, you need to see a dermatologist to help you get rid of the problem. After you have known the root cause of your dandruff and taken the necessary steps to stop it, your hair growth should go back to normal.

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