10 Best And Worst Foods For Your Teeth And Gum

People care about a good health in general. They look for a wide range of remedies and useful physical exercises in order to be stronger. One day, their teeth and gum are suddenly painful. They find out that they do not pay attention equally to all parts of the body. What about you? Have you ever done like many others do?

Actually, oral health is as important as many other parts of your body. Thus, do not ignore it. The health of your teeth and gum depends much on the foods you consume every day. In this article, we have lined out the best and worst foods for your teeth and gum. See below if you want to know what to eat and what to eat for good oral health.

5 Worst Foods for Your Teeth and Gum

  1. Soda

Soda is the first thing you need to avoid if you want to protect your teeth and gum. Why? It is because soda has many potential bad effects on the body including oral health that many of us do not realize. The acid in soda may wear away dental enamel. The pop in soda creates plaque to make it easier for acid to attack enamel.

What’s more? Soda contains high amounts of artificial sweeteners which are not good for your teeth as well as overall health. Both sugar and acids (phosphoric and citric acid) in soda bring harmful bacteria that result in gum disease. Another bad effect is that the caramel color of soda may stain your teeth. Therefore, do not drink soda if you want to have healthy teeth and gum.

  1. Coffee

Generally, it is not good for teeth and gum when you drink coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Like soda, the dark color of coffee also discolors your teeth. The tannins in coffee make color glue firmly on your teeth and paint a yellow color on them. Besides staining your teeth, the tannic acid in coffee might break down enamel of the teeth and make the teeth decayed.

However, the bad effects of coffee do not stop for only teeth. Coffee also affects your gum and mouth. It causes bad breath (also called halitosis), makes your mouth dry and inhibits saliva from healing oral infections and gum diseases.

  1. Candy

Candy plays a part in worsening your teeth and gum. It has drawbacks for oral health due to its high level of sugar and dyed colors. Color stains your teeth. Sugar makes your teeth decayed. Especially, when you eat gummy candies, a large number of plaques reside on your teeth. This creates a good environment for growing bacteria that can lead to gum diseases.

  1. Dried fruits

Dried fruits are often sweet and sticky. This feature is a hindrance for healthy teeth. Similar to candy, sweetness and stickiness of dried fruits encourage plaque and bacteria which are the cause of tooth decay and other gum diseases. Thus, you should brush your teeth carefully after eating dried fruits.

  1. Potato Chips

Are you indulging yourself in eating potato chips? If your answer is yes, remember that they do harm to your teeth and gum. Potato chips are delicious but they become gummy after you chew them. This gummy starch lingers between your teeth, turns into sugar, and promotes tooth decay.

Much more than that, potato chips may dry out your mouth like coffee. When your mouth is dry, the level of saliva is lower. Your mouth does not have enough saliva to cure early symptoms of tooth decay, gum diseases and many other oral infections.

5 Best Foods for Your Teeth and Gum

  1. Green tea

You should make a habit of drinking green tea regularly to maintain healthy teeth and gum. Green tea contains polyphenols which can combat attacking acid and bacteria which cause plaque. Additionally, the water you use to brew tea has useful fluoride that may aid in developing enamel to protect the teeth from decay and infection. Remember that drinking green tea without adding sugar or honey is the best option for your oral health.

  1. Water

Water not only hydrates your body but also offers great benefits for teeth and gum. The first benefit is that water has a similar feature with saliva in washing acid and sugar off your teeth. The second benefit is that water can prevent tooth erosion thanks to its natural fluoride content. Therefore, regular and adequate intake of water is good for your oral health as well as overall health.

  1. Onion

Onion is not just a spice in cooking. It has incredible advantages for teeth and gum that may surprise you. Raw onion has forceful antibacterial properties to fight against harmful bacteria that cause cavities and gum diseases. You can strengthen your teeth by chewing a raw onion. After that, your mouth may be full of pungent smell from onion. Don’t worry about that. Chew a gum after eating a raw onion to gain fresh breath.

  1. Cheese

You’d better put cheese in your daily diet if you want your teeth and gum to be healthy. The way cheese helps in guarding your teeth is that it balances the level of pH in your mouth to maintain clean saliva and reduce disadvantageous acid and cavities. Cheese can help strengthen your teeth owing to its richness in natural phosphate and calcium content. Thus, add cheese to your list of best foods for teeth and gum.

  1. Apple

Many people think that the high level of acid in apples may weaken their tooth enamel. So why can it be a good choice for teeth and gum? The answer falls into natural sugar in apples. Thanks to this sugar, apples can neutralize bad acids in your mouth.

This fruit is also rich in vitamins that are vital for healthy gums. Like with onion, you should chew fresh apple pieces to make your teeth stronger and firmer. This mouth workout is also an encouragement for producing saliva. The more saliva is, the cleaner your teeth are. As a result, your teeth will become whiter and brighter. Hence, do not ignore apples in your search for best foods for teeth and gum.

Now, you know why you should care about what you eat and drink to protect your teeth and gum. The fact is that not all the worst foods for teeth and gum have any health benefits for other body’s parts. You do not need to give them up. If you consume them along with best foods for healthy teeth, pay attention to how they may affect your teeth and follow a good oral hygiene.

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